Éclairage Lighting Design

Lumière verte

We know how to make the best use of the subtle and powerful medium of light. We will never stop learning. Every production or project will present new challenges, new obstacles, new Men dynamics and new problems to solve.

Now, we have access to a technology that allows us to paint a stage with light, creating effects that match the mood of the action.

We understand style, composition, balance, esthetics and Men emotions. We understand the science of light, optics, vision, the psychology of perception and lighting technology. Using these tools we think, feel and create with our heart.

We specialize in specific types of entertainment productions, each requiring slightly different working methods and techniques Theatre, Dance, Circus, Events, Crew Ship and Multimedia productions.

There is great satisfaction creating the lighting for a production that fulfills the needs of the production and also meets the objectives of the director and other designers. There is, however, far greater satisfaction in knowing that we have succeeded in your goals,aspirations and that you have emotionally involved an entire audience through the art of lighting.

Ultimately we must be an artist!